“Conference on Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage”
7th June, 2018, 09.45 am at PHD House, New Delhi

enter site India is anticipated to become one of the biggest markets for the adoption of energy storage technologies due to several drivers like the fastest growing economy, increasing share of renewable, need for providing 24×7 quality power and electric mobility mission. With the ambitious target of India to install 100 GW of solar by 2022, Energy Storage technologies have strategic importance for India’s energy security and clean energy future. India is also aggressively moving in the right direction for a mass scale shift to 100% electrification of Indian railways by 2021 and electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030.

Large-scale Adoption of energy storage is expected to attract investment to the tune of $6 billion in the next three years.  Government in India has taken number of steps to fast track development of the energy infrastructure such as National Solar Mission, National Electric Mobility Mission and Mission for energy access.  However, despite these policy initiatives there are issues like capacity building, lack of standards for recycling or disposing batteries, High Cost of battery, inadequate EV Charging infrastructure and connectivity, manufacturing of storage devices in India which need to be addressed immediately.

On this back drop, PHD Chamber is organizing a Conference on “Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage ” on 7th June, 2018, 09:45am at PHD House, New Delhi. The Conference will discuss the new and emerging opportunities in the solar power segment including storage, analyse the impact of various policy and regulatory developments on its future growth, examine the key challenges, technology options and strategies. A large number of delegates from Industry, officials from Central and State Governments, Senior Industrialists, Policy Makers, Thought Leaders, Financial Institutions, Technology Leaders etc are expected to attend the Conference.

This is  a wonderful  branding opportunity and excellent value proposition  for your organization to showcase your product and services at this Conference to the most relevant audience.

For any further query related to the Summit , please feel free to contact-

Ms. Shelley Kashyap ,  , 9818602842, 011-49545454 (Ext. 230). Mr. Akshay Mittal ,  , 9971926200, 011-49545525 (Ext: 225).