About WISE

The role of women working in the energy sector has witnessed exponential growth with their increased involvement in building businesses at the grassroots level or by leading the sector and to build more champions of women entrepreneurs or leaders, NSEFI formed the committee of Women in Solar Energy(WISE) and launched the WISE portal in cooperation with Skill Council for Green Jobs(SCGJ) which focuses on the 3E’s, maximizing women's access to energy, education, and ease of doing business in the energy sector. WISE portal provides a platform to all women looking for guidance to work in the energy sector while also they can explore job opportunities, and enabling green energy transition by advancing women's leadership in the energy sector which will lead to social progress and eventually help in empowering the sector.

This initiative aims to bring convergence across women working in capacity building and to bring convergence among key stakeholders on important policies. To create a central depository of all the opportunities out there for women, and to allocate all resources available through a single platform, WISE can become platforming catering to allocate databases and selecting localized skill development programs for different areas e.g. manufacturing, Operation & Maintenance(O&M) and RE Technologies, etc…

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