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Inaugral remarks by Hon'ble Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Namisha ben- has worked for SEWA for more than 25 years as district coordinator for Harlali gram initiative as a broad of a director. She has worked to distribute 50,000 solar batti in Gujarat. There she has worked on contract with Gujrat in 15 main villages in Rajasthan and worked on pilot projects.

Hon'ble Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, interaction with beneficiaries.

Kailash ben a local coordinator and master trainer in the Dungarpur Sangara district of Rajasthan. She has trained more than 3000 sisters, working in agriculture. She has developed a product, the First product from solar urja (choti batti), and the second, they are targeting training for the installation of Pawdi Solar Pump in 15 villages, biogas plant in 200 villages.

Light is very important to us, and through Dharma Life, we have made it accessible to 500 women in villages. Dharma life gave us a phone which we used to connect women in a group.

Rohine Shirke from Maharastra, used the Akshay Prakash Yojna training to produce and sell solar lights. She along with other women beneficiaries have undertaken various initiatives to empower themselves along with other women working in the village. Through the support of dharma life, she has developed a beekeeping unit for a honey processing unit ...Read More

Dr. Vandana Kumar, Former Additional Secretary, MNRE, highlights the 3C’s i.e., Capacity building, building champions from the women who are doing excellent in this area, and Convergence of policies. She highlights some important women-led initiatives such as Solar mama, and NDRC’s Hariyali gram. ...Read More

Mrs. Suman Sharma the managing director of SECI says, “We need to give a push to women in the energy sector, with a focus on the rooftop sector”. She highlights the need to make corporates more female-friendly and increase women’s participation in the rooftop sector. She elaborated on the PLI scheme’s role in improving the working environment for women, making it more familiar for women, overcoming entry barriers, and giving a push to women in the sector.

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